No One Can Win Here

Afghanistan. So much to process. I’ve written a piece about my thoughts regarding the withdrawal of Afghanistan that was recently published by CounterPunch. It can be read there or below. “No one can win here,” I found myself whispering as I looked at the distant mountain peaks surrounding Bagram Airfield. Single file out of the … Continue reading No One Can Win Here

Oxford Brookes Veteran Poetry

I was recently interviewed for a British military radio program centered on the Oxford Brookes Veteran Poetry seminars. Linked below is an article that discusses veterans, poetry, and the work of the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre. Embedded within the article are clips from the radio interviews conducted with myself and other veteran participants: How Poetry … Continue reading Oxford Brookes Veteran Poetry

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new site! This is my first blog entry and is being used as a place holder for the time being. Check back in periodically (or subscribe) and you will be updated on any new entries. For more information about myself please see my Bio page. Thank you for visiting!

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